Trespassing On Open Space

La Serena is surrounded by open space on three sides. This open space is private and belongs to La Serena Homeowners Association. It is only open to owners and residents of La Serena and their guests, and the owner or resident must be with them. Anyone else is trespassing and the police will be notified. Please clean up after yourself and your guests, and do not dig holes or build jumps or ramps. This can cause possible injuries and also makes the open space look less desirable. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2021 Maintenance Fees

We are happy to announce that the maintenance fees will stay at $65.00 per month for 2021. You can download a copy of the 2021 budget on this website.

2020 Budget and Dues Increase

Effective 01/01/20, the maintenance fees will be increasing to $65 per month. Due to the rising costs, this increase is needed to properly fund our reserve account for future repairs. There will be no late fees charged during the first quarter of 2020 to allow owners to adjust their payments. A copy of the budget was mailed out and also included with your statement. We are posting another copy on the Downloads page.

Street Lights

The City of Temecula now owns all the street lights in La Serena. If you have a street light that is not working, you need to report it to Temecula Public Works at 951-694-6411. There is also a link on the city website, but as of right now it will send you to So. Calif. Edison, which is incorrect. When the city fixes the link, I will update this information.

Pre-Approved Paint Colors

If you would like to paint your house but don’t want to wait for the Architectural Control Committee to approve your color choices, you can go to our Downloads page and download the current pre-approved paint colors (from Vista Paint), or you can also download the older pre-approved colors (originally taken from Lowe’s). If you find a set of colors that you like, you can download an ACC application and complete it with the names and colors of the paints you would like to use. Just sign it and mail it to the office. There is no need to get neighbors’ signatures or ACC approval. We just need the completed form for our files.

Updates to Website

We are now offering newsletters and minutes of board meetings for you to view on the website. Be sure to check out these sections located on the menu bar.